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GHS International is part of a social retail company that offers you only the best in personal care and service. There are so many choices in the marketplace.

It is our aim to provide only the very best products to you. All of our products are beneficial to your body and promote health and well being. And it’s not just quality products that we offer … we also offer personal after-sales service.

It is clear to see that GHS International is an independent social marketer that markets a very competitive product range at affordable prices and offers an unmatched business opportunity for those looking for that little bit more in life.

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Christine and Neale Gear are here to serve you. Let us know how we can assist. Many people have found the products we market to be more than satisfying and good value for money. Our aim is to supply products that are the very best of their type.

If you have any experiences to relate regarding the use of the products we market, please email us with your story – but don’t forget to include permission to publish it! We would love to hear from you.

We are also hoping that you achieve complete satisfaction and improved quality of life. Many people are concerned about their health and how to achieve a better lifestyle. Let us know which reading material or products helped you to reach your health and life goals.

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There are a wide range of personal and health care products available. Firstly, we have some presentations and other material for you to view which will show you why our products are superior.

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There is a lot of information we would like to share with you about starting a business of your own. We have years of experience in assisting people to reach their life goals. Go to the Contact Us page, and send us an email today..

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We are committed to absolute integrity and honesty with our Customers. Our philosophy is this: We aim to give you an excellent product – the best we can find, suitable for your needs and to provide an outstanding service.

Our aim is to keep you happy; we will not run away or leave you in the dark. We stand behind every product we promote. We can introduce you to one of the best opportunities in the industry to purchase products at wholesale prices and become an independent social marketer. There is plenty of opportunity for growth – it is up to you how far you want to go.


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By attending these webinars you will learn the benefits of the powerful business model Modere offers and be inspired by the benefits of our amazing products.

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