GHS Brisbane Special Event – Wisdom with Jerry!

Good afternoon!

We have an upcoming special GHS Event in Brisbane on Thursday 6th August – Wisdom with Jerry!
Jerry Clark will be discussing keys points, such as Momentum, Velocity, Capacity, Speed, plus other important keys like actions required for maximising product turnover, and taking advantage of key 90 Day blocks.
We have the System, we have the products, we have the opportunity to share Modere, we have the Leadership teams in place, so all you need is desire and ability to step up to massive action.

Pre-register online at

How To: Download the New GHS Tools App

Good afternoon!

We hope everyone is keeping warm during this cold season!

As you know, last month we officially launched our GHS App! We have had some great feedback, and we are happy that it is making it easier for you all to access the tools you need for your Neways/Modere Introductions, and for prospecting!

We have had a few people request some more detailed information on how to download the new GHS Tools App – as there may be a little bit of confusion!

So here you go!

Step one: Log into the GHS online store –

Step two: You will see a banner on the front page that says “The GHS App is Now Available for Download” – if you can see that, click on the banner. If not, click on the “GHS Products” tab and choose the GHS App.

Download for iOS (iPhone, iPad – an Apple device).

Step three: Click on the “Add to Cart” and check out the same way you always would. Enter quantity (one), your details, and continue to payment method.

Step four: Once the payment is all processed – you will receive an email from [email protected] – click on the link that they send you, and it will pop up asking you to install – once you click install, press the home button and look for the app. It will have automatically downloaded to your device!

You can use this link up to 5 times on your devices, and then the link will expire.

If a message comes up on your device about an Unknown Developer, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management/Profile -> GHS International -> Trust.

Please note: The GHS Tools App is not available on the iTunes store – so you wont have any luck trying to locate it. Only place you can purchase is from the GHS Shop!

Download for Android Users 

Step three: Once you are on the page with the option to download, you will see a link in red font sayingAndroid Users – Click Here to purchase the Android version from the Google Play Store
Click that and it will direct you to the Google Play store. Depending on if you have purchased something from the store to your device before, you should have all of your details saved in that app, connected to your device.

Step four: Click the $5.95 buy tab and follow the links. Once you have purchased the tool, it should have downloaded automatically to your device.


There you have it! We hope this information has been beneficial for you and that the download process is clearer.

Have a great week and we will talk soon!

GHS Team

2015 – a year of opportunity & transformation!

So excited about all that 2015 is bringing.  The opportunity to capitalise now on all that the Modere model will make available is huge!  If you are interested in completely transforming your financial world –  this is your year, this is your time, & this is the place to start.  Right here, right now!

Looking forward to encouraging you on your journey 🙂

Excitement around September free joining promotion

People right around the country are taking up this fabulous offer – if you include this ‘join for free pack’ with your first order (add on other packs or products as well if you like)  How about re-contacting people who were in your team some time ago… They may love the idea of rejoining for free…

Join for free during September with this pack

   Join for free during September with this pack

Leadership highlights

As you know, I am new at Blogging, but I am willing to try new things… So perhaps we can learn together!  Here are some of the one-liners from Leadership.  It was a powerful time, and there was so much good content, that I forgot to take notes… So please forgive me!





Robert Conlee –

We inspire people to achieve personal success and well-being…. Through high performance safe products – Meaningful connections and Engaging experiences!

Martin Luther King Jr said: “Whatever effects one directly, affects all indirectly.” We are in an amazing time right now, where what we do in the USA through Modere sets a stage for us to impact the world.

Korea grew 300% in July 2014… and we are expecting significant growth there ready for Modere in September/October 2014. Launching in Japan March/April 2015, then Australia in August/September 2015. Other Nations will follow Australia.

We are the first company to deliver a truly customer-centric value proposition that creates an authentic opportunity for everyday entrepreneurs.

Modere will look after the customers, market to them, and pay you for the turnover they create while you do what you do best, find those who want to build a team and assist them to do so!

Bob Finigan – Chief Marketing Officer

Bob finigan Worked for about 400 brands over time, but loves the completely new groundbreaking customer-centric model that has been created with Modere. This new model will enable us to embrace those who do not want to be involved in Network Marketing, but would enjoy the products. Plus serve the people who love to promote to their friends through natural authentic and meaningful connections.

The Modere opportunity utilises aspects of Social Marketing, but is unique, because those who embrace the whole concept can build, train and harness all three aspects of this customer-centric model and multiply their income accordingly!

We will employ social media to expand the brand, but it’s not what we do…. We do social retail – powered by people. We have an amazing brand, with a unique story, and we are proud of it!

Modere has created a Beauty Box Collection as a marketing tool and have set up an exclusive Beauty box website to educate customers on the power of the products in the Beauty Box. There will be many ideas and concepts being trialled in the US market and the best ideas will be brought into the appropriate markets.

The idea around the Beauty Box is: Try it – love it – buy it.


Annie Starky – Fear vs Faith

As leaders, our greatest value is our influence on others.
If you recall the Stick man in Born Rich, thoughts create. What do you believe? What do you expect? Change your thoughts, and you will change your results.

Be the leader – confident purposeful committed
Do what is required
Have your dreams fulfilled

What is your faith promise goal (what are you willing to believe for?) for Neways this next 12 months? Write it down, then turn over the card, and double that goal for Modere!


Graeme & Tania McCutcheon

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci.
Keep it simple….
How are you directing the traffic? Don’t get caught up in the detail… Making it hard for your team to follow you.
Are your team following simple directions or are you making it complicated?

I don’t have what it takes to be average –
Once you know what is available to you, average is not an option any more…


Ginny and Linton Parker

The unfolding of an amazing future starts NOW!
There are 4 Stages of change:
Shock and disbelief, grudging acceptance, reluctant engagement, empowered action!

Are you willing to change a few things, if it will take you to a new level of success?

What do we do, in preparation for Modere? Exactly what you are doing now, only more of it! Jerry Clark speaks of 70% – 30% split which is normal for this industry. 70% aren’t open. 25% are looking. 5% will do whatever it takes to be successful. (others may have different figures) We currently look for the 30% of people who are committed to building a team of leaders – and in Modere we will be doing exactly the same thing.

Modere will be giving us the opportunity to capitalise on the “no’s” that we currently get as we look for those who want to build with us, and turn them into “yes’s” using the Modere Customer Promo Code – giving us access to the 70% that we would normally miss out on completely. That would be called Cream on the cake!


Annie and Charlie Starky – Have you got your GPS? Global Positioning System.

Your coach is like that voice on the GPS – to direct you where you need to go, and can guide you when you get off track. They are the voice of wisdom, reason and inspiration.

There is a fast track to the destination… Don’t take the detours.



Michael McQueen:

2 books: Winning the Battle for Relevance. and The New Rules for Engagement.
Success leaves clues, and failures leaves clues as well.
When you become ‘highly relevant’, there is a risk… because you begin to believe your own press, you can become complacent and try to justify your position
for staying where you are…

Shift happens…
Swiss watches were at their best, and refused to embrace the change – remained arrogant and lost their edge.

Lego started in the early 1930’s.
Innovative idea… Started with wood, until it became too expensive and used plastic. Kept innovating. 1996 the lost millions because of computers… For 10 years they grappled with the idea, and innovated with computer games, won back the market… And has continued to innovate.

Neways is smart because they are innovating NOW. New concepts, cutting edge technology and out of the box thinking.
When things become hard work, the little things can offend and upset you.
Staying relevant means being able to be passionate, enthusiastic and inspired.

To stay relevant you need to do 3 things:

1. Refocus – reset the next ‘why’ for your life
2. Re-engineer – the way you do things. (It actually takes 66 days to form a new habit… Not 21 days) sometimes we get into a rut and don’t even know why.

A. Be constructive (deconstruct what you do everyday – and see what you repeat out of habit rather than effectiveness – what is complicated? Complexity and the enemy of growth.
B. Evaluate what you do now that you don’t need to do. Listen to people with fresh eyes….
C. Innovate – why do you do it that way?

3. Reposition – your brand
When you reinvent yourself stay true to your roots, but be willing to change how you do things.

The Modere brand is about 5 – 10 years ahead of the market and we are in a great space to take ground!


Greg and Erica Rowsell:

The limiting beliefs hold you in a place of lack. Personal development is a process and it’s wise to take counsel from above, or you will stay in the wilderness!

See yourself as successful….
Go to every event.
Learn by modelling.
You don’t need to know all the answers… It’s one step at a time.
Guide people rather than control them.
Get into faith and belief.
Allison Mooney – The people interpreter
Rewards for each personality type are different:

Peaceful (yellows) – rest
Precise (greens) – family time
Powerful (reds) – trophies
Playful (blues) – parties

Yellows see rest as the reward for a job well done, so don’t judge them as lazy when they see rest as their reward. If greens carve out family time as a reward for achieving results, then value that time. To Reds, trophies come in all forms – acquisitions, achievements, toys. It may not be a physical trophy, but rather the sense of achievement. The blues are energised by people, so having a celebration for any achievement will boost them and have them ready for the next goal to be celebrated.


Sandy Frankish:

The 4 ‘c’ of building: Coffee – Cakes – Calls and Conferences!
The more you do of these things, the faster you will build.
To bless somebody else while you are going through your own storms makes it worth while!
The bumps are here to help us along our way.

Toni Frame –

If you are committed and consistent you will get the results.
Get people trying new things – customer promotions…. As a key for people to increase turnover.
Get a pile of business and product testimonies!
Give incentives and rewards to people in your team.
Half hearted effort brings half hearted results.
Appreciate people – get referrals.
You have residual bills, why not have residual income!

Christine Gear – Have you Opened your Gift yet?

We have enjoyed the benefits that Neways has provided over the past 26 years, but Neways is about to give us a gift… A new, cutting edge, innovative, generous gift that some may not have recognised. It is called Modere.
Don’t allow past stories, unhelpful beliefs, or your words steal away the gift being presented to you today.

Embrace what is coming with Modere. Adjust your beliefs. Guard your words. Align your head and your heart… Go back to what ignited your passion when you fell in love with Neways, and operate out of that space! Have you embraced the idea of creating 10 million healthy homes? If everyone of us just doubled our growth each year, by 2020 we would achieve our target! How would that affect your life? Impact you Financially? Impact your family? Impact your community? The planet? Passion and Vision, actioned daily will change your world.

When you believe, faith is ignited in your heart, passion bursts forth as unstoppable commitment to completion and your dreams are fulfilled – and that is your gift to the World.


Do you want to come to leadership but haven’t quite qualified yet?

GOOD NEWS!  If you want to attend Leadership in Melbourne but haven’t quite made the qualifications criteria, don’t be dismayed, your Diamond may be able to assist you!  Sometimes you can be working in different areas of your business without the results showing up the way you might like them to.  So, give your Diamond a call, let them know what you have done, and they will contact Neways to see if it is possible based on your activity.  We would love to see you attend, and so would Neways!